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Welcome to the CCR Hawaiʻi Dashboard. E Komo Mai.


Become a Champion for Coastal Resilience using the CCR Approach.

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Hawaiʻi is an archipelago of volcanic islands located in the Pacific Ocean. This remote island chain is one of the most biologically diverse regions on our planet and is also vulnerable to a variety of human impacts, including climate change.


As our climate changes, intensified storms and rising sea levels present new challenges and an urgency for innovative approaches to Coastal Resilience in Hawai'i. 



Coastal resilience is the capacity to anticipate and plan for change, resist damage, rapidly recover, and adapt to changing conditions in our coastal communities.

We believe an essential part of the solution is empowering youth and all community members to become

Champions of Coastal Resilience.

CCR Approach

The CCR  Approach

The CCR Approach involves exploring Coastal Resilience strategies and existing efforts, then moving through the three phases of Coastal Field Ecology, Climate Science, & Taking Action to become a Champion for YOUR OWN coastline.

Coastal Field Ecology

Investigate coastal ecosystems, human coastal land use, and levels of biodiversity and ecological balance.

Climate Science

Analyze climate science data and evidence of increasing coastal impacts.  Model potential impacts of sea level rise and storm hazards.

Taking Action

Analyze coastal resilience strategies.  Participate in coastal field study, citizen science, and stewardship.  Produce an impactful CCR Story.

The resources available here were originally created for guided use by participants in our programs and events offered in Hawaiʻi.  We encourage all visitors to learn independently and develop on your own into  Champions of Coastal Resilience.   Funding for this initiative was provided in part by the NOAA B-WET program, the NAAEE NOAA STEM Watershed Partnership for  HIDOE 21st Century Programs, and the Atherton Family Foundation.

Join Us

Please contact us below if you want to join our effort in developing Champions of Coastal Resilience!


Learning Endeavors

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Wailuku, HI  96793

Tel: 808-793-3322

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