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The tools and resources here allow for Coastal Change analysis in Hawai'i.

Wayback Slider

The ArcGIS Living Atlas Wayback Slider

Analyze coastal change with the Wayback Slider to overlay two images from two different time periods.  Below is an example of the North Shore of Oahu, 2016 on the left and 2021 on the right.
Coastal Imagery

Coastal Imagery of Hawai'i from
UH Manoa Climate Resilience Collaborative

Analyze coastal change with the shoreline imagery compiled by the UH Manoa Climate Resilience Collaborative (CRC). Select an island, then find the Historical Mosaics for aerial imagery from various dates as far back as the 1920's.
Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 12.28.02 PM.png
Historical Mosaics are available from Oahu, Kauai, and Maui through numbered regions on each shoreline.

Sea Level Rise

Sea Level Rise
Investigate how sea levels are monitored using data from NOAA's satellites and coastal stations.  This NOAA Data in the Classroom learning activity engages learners in the ways that scientists analyze changes in sea level.
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