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Citizen Science

Citizen science is the practice of public participation and collaboration in scientific research to increase scientific knowledge. Through citizen science, people share and contribute to data monitoring and collection programs.  Take Action by engaging in Citizen Science. 

CCR Data Collection


Contribute to our CCR Citizen Science Effort on Coastal Resilience.

Download Data Sheet PDF, print, add to a clipboard, and collect data!

Use the ArcGIS Survey123 App or a Browser for our Digital CCR Data Collection Form.

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Citizen Science Apps

iNaturalist allows you to share observations of the natural world to contribute to biodiversity science.  NOAA's Marine Debris Tracker allows you log the marine debris you remove from coastal areas.

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More Citizen Science Projects

Hui Manu-o-Kū Observations - For those on Oahu help with incubation counts, nest sightings, egg inventories and behavior observations of the Manu-o-Kū, a native Hawaiian Shorebird.


Kealia Ponds National Wildlife Refuge Chronolog Project  - Capture and email photos taken from two stations along Keālia Coastal Boardwalk to help the refuge monitor seasonal changes and gather data on the wetland ecosystem. Photos will help create a time-lapse story of the refuge’s water levels and Hawaiian waterbird activity.


UH SeaGrantʻs King Tides Project - King Tides are the highest astronomical tides of the year and can pose coastal hazards, such as flooding, which can give insight as to how sea level rise may affect coastal areas. Document your photo observations of King Tides and submit to the King Tides Project through their online portal. 


Kolea Count - Help record your observations of these migratory shorebirds with the Kolea Count Project. Record when, where and how many Kolea migrate to Hawaiʻi from Alaska and how many spend summers here. 


Coastal Marine Debris Monitoring Program with Pacific Whale Foundation - Monitor and remove marine debris from the coastlines. Contribute to the marine debris catalog compiled by Pacific Whale Foundation by submitting your data sheet.

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