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CCR Story Production

The CCR Story


The culminating task of the CCR Approach is for students to produce a CCR Story.  After engaging in a case study on the coastline of their watershed, students create a 1-2 minute impactful video that shares a story and a call to action relating to coastal resilience.  Students become Champions of Coastal Resilience by educating and inspiring others with their CCR Stories.

CCR Film Festivals

Film Festivals are opportunities to educate the wider community and to celebrate youth voices and newly empowered Champions of Coastal Resilience.  Below is an example of an event promotion.  Contact us if you are interested in joining an event.

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Approaches in Hawai'i

CCR Story Examples

These videos were produced by students that learned with the CCR Approach.  Due to Covid, nearly all of the field studies were done independently or with family.  These videos highlight students from grades 4-12 across the Hawaiian islands.

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