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Coastal Field Ecology

Coastal Field Ecology
in Hawai'i

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Below are links to resources for ecosystems and species that are of particular focus for our Champions of Coastal Resilience Program.  For each, there are Organization Websites, Scientific Publications, Educational Materials, Videos, Podcasts, & More.

Ecosystems of Focus

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Species of Focus

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Monk Seals

The Hawaiian Monk Seal is an endangered species endemic to the Hawaiian Islands, and is one of the two remaining monk seal species on the planet. 


Sea Turtles

Five of the worldʻs seven sea turtle species can be found in Hawaiʻi waters, including the endangered green sea turtle (honu).

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Hawaiʻi has a variety of native and endemic wetland birds threatened by non-native predators, human development, and other obstacles. 

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Seabirds are an important component to the functionality and biodiversity of the Islands. Unfortunately, many are at risk due to introduced mammal predation and light pollution induced landings.

GIS - (Geographic Information Systems)
is an essential tool for data analysis and decision making.  


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